Dr Neelima AryaDr. Neelima Arya is a social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the Founder-President of “Apple Home for Orphan Kids”. She is the brain behind two path-breaking social initiatives “FEED THE NEED” and “SHE NEED” which received great praise and support from all sections of the community. While FEED THE NEED is incepted with a vision to create a hunger-free society, SHE NEED is an initiative to promote wellness of women and create more health and hygiene awareness.  A single mother of two, her journey from being a college professor to leading an NGO is nothing short of inspiring.


  • Eldest of three siblings, she was born into a family with an army background. Her father was an Army Officer who had voluntarily retired after a distinguished service and later worked as a Railway Sub-Inspector. Right from the childhood, she was imbued with patriotic fervor and independent thinking.
  • She had her latter part of schooling at the Army School. She was sharp as a student, excelled in all kinds of academic activities, and gained fine skills to face any challenging situation with great presence of mind and poise.
  • She completed her Masters in English literature from the coveted Sri Padmavathi Women’s University, Tirupathi with an outstanding Academic record.
  • Throughout her illustrious academic career, she had been a recipient of many awards and medals in wide variety of literary competitions such as elocution etc.


  • She had started her professional career in 2000 (even before her Masters results were declared!) with a dual job of working for Doordarshan in the A.M followed by lecturing at Lal Bahadur Junior College, Hyderabad in the P.M
  • She took up the job as Assistant Professor of English, and later as Associate Professor, at many colleges since 2003, a time period known for the boom in establishment of engineering colleges.
  • She was made brand ambassador for Shreyas Engineeering College in 2011, a role which was bestowed upon her for 4 consecutive years during which she successfully accomplished wide range of projects for student welfare and career guidance.
  • In the year 2011, upon the invitation of the Saudi Arabian Government’s Dammam University in the Middle East, she had joined as the professor of English. Apart from regular academic teaching, she had participated in a number of international conferences and seminars and had submitted authentic research material.
  • Upon her return to India in 2016 and with an inherent passion to address contemporary issues and create better social awareness, she chose to head the creativity group at the TV5 News Channel.
  • She later joined Studio N news channel as creative head and soon took up the reins as CEO for the same.


  • The Prabhatadarshini programme she did for DD won wide-spread appreciation in the media as well as from the public.
  • She produced and organized a number of credible and socially enlightening programs while working for DD. These included live interviews with specialist doctors, legal luminaries, film personalities, and renowned industrialists. She had also conducted a number of illuminating stage shows for the government.
  • As a creative head at TV5 news, she organized a number of award winning documentaries and socially relevant programmes.
  • She is well-known among the media community for introducing innovative business models as well as streamlining the operations of the News channel she worked for to improve the efficiency, standards, and revenue.


Dr. Neelima Arya strongly believes in the concept of “Giving back to the society”. The city of Hyderabad has given her a number of opportunities that helped her grow personally and professionally. Hence, she has always wanted to contribute to the betterment of the community she lived in. Even when she had worked for different organizations and pursued various roles in her distinguished professional career, the thought of starting an organization that will selflessly serve the society has never left her mind. That led to the inception of her NGO – Apple Home for Orphan Kids.

  • Apple Home for Orphan Kids was established with the primary objective to care for the orphans by providing with nutritious food thrice a day, offer them motherly care, and ensuring quality education for the children. She named it after her daughter.
  • The organization also focuses on providing recreational facilities, periodical tours, extra-curricular activities, cultural programs, and creative indulgences for the kids.
  • Apple Home’s mission is to not only serve and benefit the less-fortunate kids but also to introduce new concepts and initiatives that will meet and solve the most burning challenges of today’s society – Hunger and Health. FEED THE NEED and SHE NEED are two such concepts that have been introduced by Dr. Neelima Arya.