The Concept

The brain-child of Dr. Neelima Arya and the first of the unique and innovative initiatives undertaken by Apple Home team, Feed The Need not only addresses the problem of hunger faced by many less-fortunate souls in the city of Hyderabad but also solves another burning issue – food wastage. The concept received wide appreciation from the public and a complete support from GHMC.

Feed The Need at a Glance

  • Apple Refrigerators which will be placed at some of the prominent locations across the city will act as a medium for those who want to donate food and for those in need.
  • Anyone who has the noble intention to donate food or those who have excess food that they would not want to go to waste can stock it in this refrigerator.
  • And those who are in need of food but cannot afford to buy it will have free access to the refrigerators and can take the quantity of food they need without any restrictions.
  • Apple Home team will constantly monitor the units as well as help the needy to access the refrigerator and utilize the service.
  • Along with food, the Apple Refrigerator will also offer a provision to donate other essentials such as blankets, clothes, books etc. via a charity box attached to the unit.
  • Neelima Arya’s objective is to install 100 FEED THE NEED units across the city. And she’s progressing towards her goal at a quick pace.


The Concept

The first-of-its-kind initiative that is aimed to promote health and spread the importance of hygienic living among women, She Need is another brain-child of Dr. Neelima Arya that she incepted for the welfare of womankind. The concept which is initiated in association with GHMC is directed at creating more awareness regarding menstrual health and mitigating the risks that are usually faced by under-privileged women in our society who cannot afford luxury products during their menstrual cycles.

She Need at a Glance

  • A kiosk which is installed with a vending machine will be placed at prominent locations across the city. The vending machine will be loaded with 50 new sanitary napkins every day.
  • An eco-friendly incinerator is placed in the kiosk which will burn the used napkins to ashes.
  • She Need kiosks will employ a woman vendor who will run a rent-free shop. She will be keeping track of the traffic, gain feedback, help those who are in need, and also create a livelihood for herself.
  • Neelima Arya aims to place 50 SHE NEED kiosks across the city.